Suz Stovall: Hōyō and The Space Between Us

One Artist - Two Exhibits - August 2020 - Kreuser Gallery

Suz Stovall I always knew I would be an artist. I nurtured that idea through high school and college. Here I am today, living the dream and loving every minute in the studio. It is the process not the product that inspires me. I think of my work as dance between instinct and spontaneity. By letting go of desired outcomes, I open myself to a world where anything is possible.

The “The Space Between Us,” was subconsciously influenced by our social distancing. A series about the subtleties in the spaces around us. The negative spaces often overlooked. Flowers and weeds appear frequently that are lost amongst their surroundings. Other paintings in this series are thought of as conversations between quiet and loud.

“Hōyō,” is Japanese, to hug or embrace, was painted during a time when hugging was frowned upon. I created a 9 panel piece, hung tightly together, hugging. In this series I wanted to draw the viewer in close to find little surprises. Taking them on their own journey through the paintings. I experimented with different color palettes, brushes and techniques.