“For 2008 we decided to purchase a 3 sitting package from Abby.  We have 3 daughters and wanted to capture our family over the year coinciding with each of their Birthdays.  We were thrilled to see the outcome of our first sitting in February! Abby’s black & white photos of each our girls were magical.  Abby captured each of their personalities to a ‘T’. We are very are excited to schedule our next two sittings!” - Riki Nachtigal (Colorado Springs, CO)

“Abby did the pictures for our wedding and 4 years later, they are still our favorite pictures of us and our family. Abby has a gift of capturing someone in a naturally beautiful and real state. When we were deciding who we wanted to do the photography for our wedding, we really wanted someone that was above and beyond the “posed” pictures. I was completely blown away by her portfolio; they were some of the best pictures I had ever seen! After receiving the beautiful photo album she put together for our wedding I was even more blown away! You could feel the emotion behind every picture. The whole experience was amazing, not only did she do an amazing job at capturing one of the most amazing days of our life, she was also super fun and great to work with. Abby has a very kind way about her that is comforting in your time of “chaos”, she is just amazing!” - Nick and Nikki Eisentraut (Colorado Springs, CO)

“not only is Abby a uniquely talented artist…she is adorable & wonderful to work with…that piece is huge when deciding on “who” do go with to do your photos…Abby has a way of capturing moments, life and expressions that penetrate your heart…she recently photographed my children and when people walk into my home and she their 3 canvas prints on the wall, they are captivated by the story that is being told” - Leith McHugh (Colorado Springs, CO)

“I never get tired of hearing the wonderful comments people have after seeing our daughter’s prints. Abby cares for her clients as much as she does for her wonderful talent and having Abby do our daughter’s photos every year is such a reassuring feeling for us. Working with Abby is so easy, choosing the photos is the hard part, there are so many fabulous shots to choose from and I so look forward to Abby doing our sitting every year, she’s a pleasure to work with.”Jill Hartung (Colorado Springs, CO)

“I have been a fan of Abby’s work for many years. She has taken some of the most amazing pictures of my sister and her family. It has been a pleasure to watch Abby grow as an artist over the years, and each year her work shows her absolute talent and dedication. My fiancé and I could not imagine having anyone else photograph our wedding, and we are completely thrilled that she will be flying to Mexico this summer to photograph our destination wedding.  Abby also designed our save the date cards, invitations, and some other specialty items. She was a pleasure to work with and everything turned out unique and beautiful.”Raychel Maez (Baton Rouge, LA)

“Abby was awesome to work with and did a fabulous job photographing my daughter.  She was flexible (important in working with children) and efficient.  The pictures came out beautifully and I am so proud to display them and get compliments from each person who sees them.  Our photo shoot will be a yearly event for sure.  I also own one of her prints, Kama Sutra, which is a beautiful addition to my home.” - Jae Sanders (Colorado Springs, CO)

“When Abby photographs your event, you receive so much more than a picture. She captures emotions, feelings and sentiments that you don’t often get from other photographers. She gets the essence of a person and is able to translate it seamlessly onto a picture. I think because Abby is such a genuine and good-hearted person, she gains the trust of her subjects making it easier for them to reveal themselves more, which results in very intimate and powerful photographs.”Rani Archuleta (Colorado Springs, CO)

“I wanted a mother and children portrait done before my boys got too old. Abby took a bunch of really great pictures that showed how much we love each other. I had a difficult time choosing my favorites! She put together the most beautiful collage, it hangs in my bedroom and each time I enter, I look at it and my heart is filled with such joy! Thanks Abby for a job well done!”Janet Krompier (Colorado Springs, CO)

“My daughter, Kendall, does not care to have her picture taken, which makes it difficult and timely to get a decent photograph. However, Abby has such a gentle and patient spirit that she is able to capture the beauty of Kendall’s personality, making my daughter’s pictures priceless.”Nashonna Windsor (Colorado Springs, CO)

“I Can’t imagine having gone the past 7 years without Abby’s amazing photography to capture the many moments that my family cherishes. Not only do her photos capture my life’s events, but they capture all of the love that we have as a family. We are very blessed by her gift and are always looking forward to the next photo session.”Crystal Garner (San Antonio, TX)