Kreuser Gallery is proud to present …

“Skateboarding – Not One Ounce of Compromise” brought to you by Chris Mike and Rob Miller
Since the 1960′s, undoubtably, the early beginnings of the skateboard has had an influence on the individual looking for a taste of freedom. A tool for artfully expressing oneself through a moving bodies energetic flow rather than being defined by any set of rules that pertain to most organized sport. Skateboarding has been defined by the individual at play. Creative, risky, challenging, escape, are but a sample of terms that support, not define what skating is to so many. It’s different for all skaters but it is hard deny how personal expression really seems to be at the heart of what it is to add new skills and mastery, not to mention have fun on a board!
Chris Mike and Rob Miller have been skating together in Colorado Springs since the 1970′s. As skaters now in their 50′s it’s very apparent that the love for the sport is still in their blood and continue to skate as often as possible. Not only is there no end in sight but they are thrilled to share a some of the journey that they have been on. Who would of guessed back in the early days of clay wheels that some of the most impressive skaters in the world would now be in their mid to late forties? From the youngest of the young to those that simply continue to have fun, we are constantly amazed by skateboarders talent and enthusiasm.
This show will take you down a road that not only gives a view of the Colorado Springs skate scene from the last forty years but will also give you a window into current scene.  It is no surprise that some of the artistic elements showcased by industry graphics are on display as well, since personal expression has often helped us unorthodox rebels find a family. Whether looking for a rolling meditation in order to find that taste of freedom or upping those skill sets to world class mastery, it’s always a great ride!
A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Skate Strong
Opening Reception, Friday, April 7th, 5-8pm
Show will run April 7th-April 28th, 2017
218 West Colorado Avenue Ste. 111 80903