Kreuser Gallery is proud to present …
The Valley of the Shadow: a photographic exploration of grief by Allison Daniell Moix

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“There is the solitude of suffering, when you go through darkness that is lonely, intense, and terrible. Words become powerless to express your pain; what others hear from you is so distant and different from what you are actually suffering.” — John O’Donohue

That’s where art comes in – at the end of our words and the beginning of our souls. This is the most personal exhibit I’ve ever put together, and each piece is a slice of my grief. The past year and a half has held some great tragedies for me, both physical and emotional, both internal and external. My world began to feel very unsafe, as my physical health was taken and then the lives of 3 very important people were taken shortly after. Nothing felt certain anymore; it seemed that anything could crumble at any time (and probably would). During grief, I have carried so many things that I didn’t have words for, so many things that even tears fail to convey the weight of. So, I started paying attention, started asking myself “What? What am I really feeling right now?” And that’s how this artwork was born. This show is for anyone who has suffered, will suffer, or knows someone who is suffering. One of my goals was catharsis, sure, but another one was to make work that would help others realize that they weren’t alone.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. I hope you find something that helps you along your own journey.

Opening Reception, Friday, August 4th,  5-8pm
Show will run August 4th-August 25th
Artist Discussion on August 23rd at 5:30pm
218 West Colorado Avenue Ste. 111 80903