Kreuser Gallery is proud to present …

The 3rd Annual Photography Invitational

Show will run January 5th-26th


Now showing at The Manitou Art Center


To Shine, To Be Inspired and To Inspire.
A Photographic Documentary on Local Artists by Abigail Kreuser


The basis of this project stems from the fact that I would not be doing what I am doing if it were not for all of you. Each and every one of you, each Artist, Creator, Collaborator in this community has given me the inspiration.

I started this project in April of 2015 with the first showing of 48 Creator’s exhibited in August 2015. I had such a wonderful response from viewers that I knew I needed to continue and gave myself a goal to meet with at least 100 Creators and to compile a book for the next exhibition.

Through the experience of meeting with each of the Creators displayed I was amazed…. I was humbled…. I was even more inspired than when I began.

Each of us has a story and so often we do not take the time to get to know what everyone’s story is. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for taking the time with me to create this story by sharing your story…. your time…. your space with me.