Kreuser Gallery is proud to present …

“Solid-HER-ity: the Goddess Among Us”
“Beauty will save the world” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Opening Reception, Friday, December 1st,  5-8pm
Show will run December 1st-29th

Please join us for a progressive tour of “Ragnarök; Anthropocene” at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center  and “Solid-HER-ity: the Goddess Among Us” at Kreuser Gallery. Starting at the Fine Arts Center at 5:30pm and moving onto Kreuser Gallery from there.

218 West Colorado Avenue Ste. 111 80903

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The sadness and frustration I have felt since the last presidential election has sometimes expressed itself in depression, disgust, rage and fear. Violent imagery has occurred to me. But with enough violence in the world already, I could not bear to spend hours making that kind of art. So I chose Beauty as the common denominator for this body of work.


One thing that is missing from the dialogue since the election and during the ensuing season of xenophobia, racism, misogyny and homophobia, is the recognition that these are all related. We speak about each as though it is unique, contained, discreet. But all exist within a larger context, or collective, worldwide “conversation.”


In part, we inherit our “place” within this conversation through three simple words uttered with the best of intentions the moment we are born: It’s a boy!” or “it’s a girl! Many conversations arise in this moment; the one to which I refer goes something like: “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. I know best and you can handle it.” The rape of Mother Earth, climate science deniers, endless “justified” wars, mass shootings, the discrepancy between the haves and have-nots – is all a tale of imbalance: privilege and power run amok. This context is in the background, running the show. If we want to change the content of our world, we have to first identify and then address the context in which that content arises. Otherwise we are trying to staunch mortal wounds with band-aids.


Various cultures have worshipped a panoply of gods and goddesses. These deities embody very human attributes. I imagine that coming of age in such a culture, one would have a variety of role models from which to choose. In our Judeo-Christian culture, women’s role is basically subscribed by the Virgin Mary. In addition, I posit that the conversation “mother” preceded the conversation “father.” That is, we had a context for mothering before we understood men’s role in the process. The miracle of birth was ascribed to women alone. Imagine that world!


The female body has a unique wisdom and a kind of “life of its own”, what with cycles of menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. In my artwork, I began separating the body from the head when I first beheld the Nike, or Winged Victory at the Louvre in Paris in 1992. At the time I had been in talk-therapy (due in part to my experience of “the conversation”) for long enough, and was quite content to create images of women without heads! Instinctively I knew that if I did not come to terms with my body, and learn to accept or even love it, my life would not be whole and complete.


I am deeply grateful to each of my models for their courage and vulnerability.

Working with them has given me new appreciation of diversity: of ethnicity, body type, life stage and experience. We shared stories; in some cases we shared wine! It is not surprising, but heartbreaking, that none of us has remained free of sexual harassment/assault, or the experience of despair and conflict with our own bodies. Yet we prevail, and we are beautiful.


Ultimately, the resolve of our collective challenge rests in the fact that it takes one to know one. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.